The mandate of the Mission Planning Committee is to provide oversight on our surgical missions. 


This includes the following activities:establish and maintain ensure high standards on our surgical missions.assess future missions – review pipeline of potential sites, review mission viability and provide recommendation of ‘go’ or ‘no go’ on each mission to the board.create and update policies and procedures – this include mission manuals, standardized forms, inventories, and reports.Mission Team selection – review pool of applicants, develop a pipeline of quality volunteers.review key metrics on missions and implement improvements for future Missions.provide update reports to the Board and Membership on a regular basis.


The Mission Planning Committee Members are:Doreen Lore, R.N. (Chair), Dr. Colin White (Plastic Surgeon), Dolly Khanna, R.N., Elaine Peters, R.N., Cheryl Baldwin, R.N., Karen Takahashi

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