The 2017 Mission Team

Randy Mennie, Videographer

Hi! Randy here. I am one of ORC’s videographers/editors. I’ve been with the team since 2013. Cambodia 2017 will be my second mission.  As with the India mission in 2015 I am looking forward to being immersed in the unique culture of Cambodia, while capturing the essence of a Canadian medical team teaching Cambodian doctors the specialized skills of plastic surgery.That’s not something you do every day.


Hopefully my skills and experience as a Global News cameraman will help me keep on top of all the goings-on during the mission. It is a great responsibility to be tasked with conveying the tremendous work of these professionals using sound and pictures to the general public and our donors.In my spare time I am a freelance videographer, shooting and editing all types of videos – ORC videos being my favourite. I also write software applications for iPhone and iPad and play bass guitar.My wife Claire is a counsellor and writer so you can say we complement each other perfectly.  She is my inspiration as well as my best critic. She will be following each moment of my trip closely with my video postings.

Megan O’Brien OR Nurse

My name is Megan and I’m an operating room nurse at VGH. I recently joined ORC and am very excited to go on my first mission to

Cambodia. I’m not sure what to really expect, but from what I’ve heard from others, I am sure this will be a life changing and rewarding trip.In my spare time, I play ultimate frisbee and am a two-time World Ultimate Frisbee Champion for Team Canada.

Dr. Eleanor Reimer

This will be my fifth ORC mission and fourth one to Cambodia. I’m a pediatric anesthesiologist at BC Children’s Hospital and am passionate about ensuring all children have access to safe anesthesia care. As such I’ve also been very involved with teaching and providing pediatric anesthesia care in Uganda. My passion outside of work is sailing and I’ve recently joined an all women’s crew prepping for a race from Victoria to Maui in 2018. I look forward to returning to Cambodia, caring for kids and working with old friends.

Cheryl Baldwin

My name is Cheryl and I have worked as a pediatric nurse for almost 40 years (gulp)!Pediatric Global Health Care has been an important part of my life and I have had the opportunity to travel to various countries caring for children and their families after surgery. Cambodia 2017 will be my eighth trip with ORC and I am looking forward to returning to Phnom Penh and reconnecting with the health care workers there that I’ve met previously. It is my goal to provide safe, comprehensive care in a culturally sensitive

manner. I have very limited Khmer vocabulary, I can count to 10 and know the words for mom, dad and mouth. My hope is to expand on that limited vocabulary this visit! Travel is a passion of mine and through different surgical trips I have come to appreciate how families are the same no matter the culture, nationality, ethnicity or language – everyone

loves their children and wants a happy, healthy future for them.I have a reputation for always having a bottle of bubbles on me and blowing a rainfall of glistening, iridescent orbs. Perhaps on this trip I will learn the Khmer word for “bubbles”.

Dr. Erin Brown, Surgeon

My name is Erin, and ‎I’m a plastic surgeon.I love puppies, walks on the beach, and saving lives (one finger at a time). I’ve been on an ORC mission in China, but have also worked in Uganda and Bolivia. I look forward to going to Cambodia (I was a traveler there in 1994) – let’s work hard and join our Cambodian colleagues in doing what we love.I’ll bring the music.

Doree Lore, Mission Coordinator

Welcome onboard.  I’m your Mission Coordinator. This will be my 13th ORC Mission and I’ve been a pediatric nurse for more than 30 years. Over the years at ORC, I’ve had the roles of Recovery Room Nurse, Mission Coordinator, Trainer/Mentor, Head of Mission Planning, sometimes all at once. ORC has been a big part of my life and many people have asked me why I spend so many hours doing volunteer work.To put it simply, it warms my heart and soul to see the results on the faces of the people and their families we help. I was lucky to be born in Canada and given the right to health care and education. Ninety per cent of this planet’s inhabitants are not so fortunate. It is my privilege to be part of a

global surgical health team that is bigger than each of us, and yes, it gives me the warm and fuzzies. I have served in all of ORC’s missions to Cambodia since 2004. To watch

the development and progress of the country has been amazing; particularly dear to our hearts is the new craniofacial program in Cambodia. Four years ago there

were no plastic’s program at the University of Health Sciences which serves a population of 14 million people! ORC is proud to play a small part in the training and education of the future plastic surgeons in Cambodia. This mission will be our second education program with eight plastics residents participating.  We are a small organization but our team members are world class. I am touched by the kindness and resilience of the Cambodian people; and especially by the eagerness of the residents to absorb every single

bit of knowledge they can. The energy and enthusiasm of Dr. Sarom and his medical team at PKM Hospital has been extremely inspiring. In addition, there are many dear friends in Phnom Penh that have supported ORC missions from the beginning and I look forward to reconnecting with them. Phnom Penh will always have a special place in my heart and I look forward to showing new mission members what a wonderful place it is. The tasty fried goodness treats and the drinks are amongst the best in the world!

Ryan Kean, PACU

Hey there, I’m Ryan. This is my second mission since I joined ORC in 2015. I’m eager to learn from everyone I come in contact with. Those who have worked with me in BC Children’s Hospital Emergency Department know me as an action-oriented guy. I want to hit the ground running and add value to every team I’m a part of.My friends, family and co-workers have told me my strengths are my compassionate nature and my ability to calm nervous people.  To provide the best quality of care, I think we have to empathize with our patients’ individual situations and life circumstance in addition to delivering the surgery or procedure.  I hope to return home from Cambodia to better serve our diverse patient base in Vancouver.

Trevor Coelho, Anaesthetic Adminsitrator

Hi, I’m Trevor and this is my second mission with ORC. Usually my slogan is “Go Canucks Go!”  A dedicated lifelong ice hockey fan, I love playing, watching and talking about ice-hockey.  Luckily in my job at BC Children’s Hospital and Canucks Children’s Hospice, I fit right in. I’ve been helping kids breathe comfortably as an anesthesia assistant for the past six and a half years.People often ask if it’s sad working with kids who are sick, but I view it as an opportunity to give my best to others.  Each day is precious and this powers me on to do more with each day that I’m given. Going to Cambodia is a chance to make a difference for kids who are prevented from living a full life, not due to serious illness but to a facial deformity. My goal is to be a positive, energetic and flexible team member and to provide high level health care to children in need.

Dolly Khanna

Hello, I’m Dolly and I’ve been on the move my entire life.  Growing up I have lived in various cities in India, London – England, Dusseldorf- Germany, Montreal and now Vancouver.  I’ve learned to be open to different cultures and am able to make friends quickly. Along the way, in addition to Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, I’ve picked up a smattering of German and French. I’m married to my very supportive husband, Rakesh.  We are raising three teenagers in Vancouver and I try to follow the Buddhist way of life. I consider myself very lucky to have found ORC where I made great friends and can have a chance to practice what I believe in! So far, my ORC missions have included: Cambodia (2014), the Canadian Ukraine Foundation Mission (2014), India (2015) and most recently as Mission Coordinator for the Cambodia mission in 2017.I believe in the miracle of giving. In every mission, where a great amount of hard work, dedication, time and effort is involved, I still get back more than what I give.I play many roles but giving care by nursing and nurturing is my chosen career. Currently, I work as a registered nurse at BC Children’s Hospital in the pediatric post-operation recovery. Previously I was a neonatal ICU nurse as well as a neurology nurse clinician.With ORC, I’m able to play a tiny role in helping kids change their lives for the better, and get the love and dignity that every human deserves.

Jillian Nolan, OR Nurse

My name is Jill Nolan and I’ve been working as an Operating Room nurse at Vancouver General Hospital for just over two years. I work with adults and my surgical specialties are general surgery, hepatobiliary, gynecology and plastic surgery. I really love what I do, as I get to work with the most amazing team in what is often an extremely challenging environment.I am a new ORC member and this will be my first time taking part in a mission. I heard about the great things ORC was doing through colleagues at VGH, and I am excited to be able to contribute.In my spare time I like to hike, do yoga, experiment with cooking, and travel.

Baljit Bains, OR Manager

I’m Baljit Bains and I work as a paramedic in the lower mainland. I have been involved with ORC since 2008 and this will be my sixth mission. I feel privileged to be able to help others and look forward to seeing the ORC team again. In my spare time I enjoy hiking, snowshoeing, running and reading a good book.

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